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Honoring those who make a difference

by: Raymond Orbach   (September 2000)

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of the dream.”
--Eleanor Roosevelt

This magazine issue recognizes Laureates, Benefactors and Donors who have made a difference in the life of the University, in the lives of our students, and in our research and scholarship. We are grateful for their support and their trust.

We have chosen to tell this story of differences made using images of the new gateway mural along University Avenue. Through the mural’s panels, we see both historic and contemporary campus figures and scenes. We see accomplishment in discovery and in the creation of artistic work. We see the visual impact of public support and philanthropic commitment. The mural is more than a metaphor. As part of the Gluck Foundation grant to UCR, it has itself made a difference as it tells the stories of campus and Riverside communities. Still in progress, it will be a community and university landmark and a dramatic entry to the campus.

UCR is embarked on a great adventure, one that will involve 13,000 students this fall and 21,000 students by the end of the decade. On the campus, we speak of the obligations of a great university to its region, and to its current and future students. We have an obligation to lead, to enable, to search, and to find. That is the UCR difference.

We thank those who believe in us. Through their personal commitments of energy and resources, our dreams become real.

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