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Chancellor's Column

by: Raymond Orbach   (April 2001)

“Altruism” may be a word that doesn’t get a lot of use now-a-days, but it is in plentiful abundance at the University of California, Riverside.

During the last academic year, UCR students recorded 69,177 hours volunteering in 121 projects in the community—that is more than 33 years of person hours of 40-hour work weeks. The projects ran the gamut from the Special Olympics, to voter registration to fund-raising activities for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, MS, and diabetes. These are the hours recorded “officially” by the Office of Student Life and Leadership that promotes community service by students. Additionally, thousands of hours are not recorded officially as students freely donate their time and expertise tutoring children in local schools, helping their peers, or lending a hand in their home communities.

There are stories as well of the aid that alumni and other members of the University family have provided—this magazine presents just a few which are so illustrative of the character of the campus and those who both enrich it and are enriched by it.

Altruism is exactly the right word to describe the unselfish regard and devotion that UCR students, alumni, faculty and staff have for their communities and their campus. Theirs is an amazing record of commitment and accomplishment, and we’re pleased to chronicle some of these acts in this issue of Fiat Lux. Also in this issue, the Alumni Association annual report details its activities. It is a record of great achievement on behalf of the campus and all graduates.

Raymond L. Orbach

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