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Message From Chancellor Cordova

by: France A Cordova   (October 2002)

Thank you to the many individuals, corporations and foundations that have given so generously to UC Riverside this past year. In this special annual issue we showcase some of the results we have achieved because of your continued support.

The cover story this month describes a gift of intellectual property from the DuPont Company. This type of collaboration between corporations and select research universitiesis part of a growing trend that UC Riverside is honored to be a part of. It is a gift of opportunity, which our researchers may well turn into an on-going financial benefit for the campus, should an herbicide product and a licensing agreement ultimately be developed.

Your heart will be touched as you read about the experience of a father seeking to create a link between his ancestors and his own child by learning his native Luiseno language through the Takic Language Revitalization Project. This ambitious partnership between Pechanga cultural leaders and UC Riverside is aimed at reviving nearly extinct native languages and may well serve as a national model for other such endeavors.

Geri and Don Shaevel demonstrate the significance of individual giving. Their $100,000 gift over a four-year period transformed a struggling student organization.

Special thanks to Amy Harrison, chair of the UC Riverside Foundation Board of Trustees, and to the entire group of trustees who work so tirelessly on behalf of our campus throughout the year. Without them and the many volunteers who give their time, this campus simply could not fulfill its mission to research, teaching and public service.

I look forward to building on that generous support as we prepare to welcome a growing campus population over the next several years. Together we will continue to build the legacy of UC Riverside.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Fiat Lux. If you see me on campus or around town, please say "hello"- I would love to hear from you!

France A. Córdova

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