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Chancellor's Column

by: France A Cordova   (January 2003)

Dear friends and supporters of UC Riverside, Happy New Year!

On behalf of all of us in the campus community I want to extend our best wishes to you and offer our sincere hope for a New Year filled with good friends and good fortune, enriching experiences, and many opportunities.

In this issue we have focused on the exciting, emerging field of nanoscience. From the Greek word for "dwarf," a nano (pronounced nan-o) indicates one-billionth of something. As you'll see from our cover photo, Distinguished Professor Robert Haddon is leading the UC Riverside nanoscience effort as the founding director of the Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering. We are extremely proud and pleased to have a scientist of Dr. Haddon's caliber at the helm, and we are excited about the many research possibilities his studies offer our students and faculty.

This may be an issue you'll want to hold on to for future reference (especially the Glossary on page 27). I am sure we will all be hearing and learning much more about the significant advances in the fields of engineering, medicine and computer science, which will be made possible through the development of nanotechnology. It may even come in handy if you tackle Michael Crichton's new novel Prey, a nanoscience thriller currently collecting rave reviews.

I'd also like to make special note of our 13 faculty members named as 2002 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for their work of scientific or social distinction. This is a great honor for the campus and again makes us the leading campus for the highest number of AAAS inductees. Thirteen fellows is also the new record for UC Riverside, breaking our previous record of 12 inductees in 1997. Sadly, we lost one of the 13 recently with the untimely death of Dr. Lung-Wen Tsai, professor of mechanical engineering. Dr. Tsai will be sorely missed by our campus community.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Fiat Lux. If you see me on campus or around town, please say "hello" - I would love to hear from you!

France A. Córdova

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