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Chancellor’s Message

by: France A Cordova   (May 2005)

Dear Friends of UC Riverside,

As chancellor, I am often asked about my vision for UC Riverside. My response is to talk about the seven strategic goals I have set forth for the campus, each of which has an accompanying vision. (For those who have not seen them, they are available at

The goals have to do with UCR's reputation, building on areas of strength, curriculum, diversity, the student experience and the need for more professional schools and closer ties to our region. These goals cannot
be achieved without first-rate, modern facilities – an essential ingredient to realizing the vision of UCR as a top public research university.

UCR's undergraduate student population doubled over a recent eight-year period. Our facilities are only now starting to catch up. This new construction is a sign of UCR's vitality – the demand for more classrooms with state-of-the-art technology and for expanded support facilities to provide services to students, employees and visitors alike. New research facilities signal advancements in and across disciplines. Oldbuildings must be renovated and new buildings built to accommodate the demands of complex instrumentation and increasingly sophisticated research techniques.

This is also the ultimate recruiting tool. As one UCR scientist quipped, "Facilities are the aphrodisiac of the faculty!" From 1999 to 2008, UCR will add 2.5 million square feet or $700 million worth of new construction and renovations.

Projects currently in the planning, working drawing, or construction process are listed in the sidebar. Besides helping us to achieve our vision and goals, these new facilities pump resources into the regional economy.

Most visitors who see UCR's construction boom assume that the state is providing full funding. Increasingly, however, the state makes its contribution contingent upon a substantial portion of gift funding. The Biological Sciences Building, for example, requires $1.8 million in gift funds out of the $21.6 million total project cost. Engineering Building II requires even more: a $5 million gift component for a $38.4 million project.

The message is clear: UCR needs to raise more private funds to support our facilities. Without such support we cannot achieve our shared vision for the campus. These donations make it possible to reach the next level. As alumni, donors and friends, your help is both greatly needed and deeply appreciated.

Best wishes,
France A. Córdova

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