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Advances in Insect Chemical Ecology

edited by Jocelyn Millar, Ring T. Carde

(February 2001)

Cambridge University Press
April 2004: 246 pages

Eight chapters consider the latest research and thought in the study of how insects use chemical signals to communicate with each other or to interact with other species. Written by internationally recognized experts and edited by Jocelyn Millar and Ring Carde, professors of entomology, the book focuses on topics such as plant defenses against insects, floral odors that attract pollinators, host finding by parasitic insects, and pheromone-mediated interactions in cockroaches, moths, spiders, and mites. The material is essential reading for researchers and graduate students of chemically mediated communication in insects.

More information on Advances in Insect Chemical Ecology is available at the publisher’s Web site,

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