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Letters to the Editor

by: Kathleen Peach   (September 2003)

It was good to hear from a number of Fiat Lux readers and I look forward to more correspondence with each issue. Sande Jenkins Hendricks ’66 notified us that the photo identifying her on page 37 of the spring 2003 issue was actually someone else. The “real” Sande is shown here.

We’re sorry about the misprint, but we were quite happy to receive the following comments from her: “I would like to tell you what a first class publication the Fiat Lux is! It has changed a good deal through the years and I think the staff does an excellent job of putting together very interesting information on what is going on, as well as profiling the professional accomplishments of the instructors as well as the updates on campus improvements and the alums. The article about the library and the people involved is wonderful! I haven’t been to the campus in a very long time, but seeing it in your pages makes me want to return when we next come to California.”

We sincerely hope Sande will stop by and visit as we hope all of our readers will when they get the chance. If you haven’t been on campus in the last few years you will be amazed by the changes and the absolutely beautiful grounds we enjoy here each day.

We’d like to hear from you about what you see in these pages, what you’d like to see more of and what you find useful. Let us know too if we’ve missed the mark on something or haven’t fulfilled your expectations.

You can reach me via email at Kathleen.peach@ or via mail at:

1150 University Avenue
Highlander Hall, Bldg. A
Riverside, CA 92521
or by Fax: 909-787-5008

Many thanks to those of you who responded to our renewal request in the last issue. The responses demonstrated the growing use of electronic communications as 46 percent of you responded via email and another 12 percent via fax. We’ll continue to make the renewal form available for those of you who haven’t had a chance to send your response yet. Interestingly, 12 percent of respondents have chosen to receive only the electronic version of Fiat Lux. Whether you choose electronic or print you’ll enjoy the same quality of content and visual images that make every issue a compelling must read.

If you would prefer an email letting you know when the next issue is available online and accessible in both PDF and HTML format just fill in the information below and we’ll alert you when the next issue is ready to access.

In fact, we are asking all of our readers to complete a renewal form so we can make sure our mailing lists are up to date. If you fail to submit the renewal form your name will be removed from the distribution list.

For more detail on these and other important UC Riverside announcements and events visit

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