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A Century of Citrus . . .

(February 2000)

How many people can say they have lived in three centuries? Dr. Homer Chapman, professor emeritus, Environmental Sciences, is one of the few! A good part of that life has been spent at UC Riverside. Dr. Chapman's career in citrus studies earned him an international reputation as a pioneer in the biological control of insects.
Dr. Chapman and his late, beloved wife Daisy decided to include UCR in their charitable gift planning. They established a charitable remainder trust to benefit the Environmental Sciences Department and, upon hearing the Gluck Piano Trio several years ago, arranged a charitable gift annuity to support the performing arts. In addition to benefiting UCR, both approaches provided them with an immediate charitable income tax deduction, a reduction in capital gains tax and a lifetime income.

You too can help UCR and help yourself with a life income arrangement!

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