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Chancellors Associates

(December 2000)

In the last issue we inadvertently failed to recognize some of our donors who, by their generosity qualified as Chancellorís Associates for the fiscal year July 1, 1999 through June 30, 2000. We apologize to all our generous donors affected by our omission. This page and the next contain a complete list of the Chancellorís Associates, UCRís premier annual giving program. Thank you for your understanding.

Chancellorís Associates: Blue & Gold ($10,000+)
21st Century Medicine
Abbott Laboratories
Advanced Engine Technologies
A. Gary Anderson Foundation
AgrEvo USA Company
Ahmanson Foundation
American Heart Association
American Chemical Society
AMVAC Chemical Corp.
Mr. Erik Anderson
Atlantic Richfield Foundation
Automobile Club of Southern California
Mr. Michael A. Baker
Dr. & Mrs. James E. Baldwin
Bank of America Foundation
Bayer Corporation
Blackwell Science
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon L. Bourns
Bourns Foundation
Elisabeth Burr Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Louis C. Burr
Cabazon Band - Mission Indians
California Alternative Fuels & Energy Foundation
California Association of Nurserymen
California Council for the Humanities
California Council on Science & Technology
California Raisin Marketing Board
Callaway Vineyard & Winery
Dr. & Mrs. Neil A. Campbell
Center for Indoor Air Research
Mr. & Mrs. Gregorio Cervantes, Jr.
Chloropicrin Manufacturers Task Force
City National Bank
City of Riverside
Clinical Micro Sensors
CMVCA Research Foundation
Coachella Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District
Community Foundation Serving Riverside & San Bernardino Counties
Cystic Fibrosis Research
Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
Mr. Michael W. Devirian & Ms. Lauri Sager
Dr. & Mrs. Harkeerat S. Dhillon
Dow Agrosciences
Dr. Robert L. Duncanson & Mrs. Roberta A. Duncanson
DuPont de Nemours & Company
Dura Coat Products
The Honorable Robert Dutton
Mr. Ted Dutton & Dr. Jo Dutton
Dye Family Foundation
Mr. Vernon Eady
Energy Foundation
Florida Cryonics Association
FMC Corporation
Ford Motor Company
Ford Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Morris J. Garber
General Motors Corporation
Charles R. Givens Estate
Maxwell H. Gluck Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas H. Goldware
Goldware Family Trust
Gowan Company
Dr. & Mrs. Lynn G. Gref
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Haider
Dr. & Mrs. Gordon F. Harris, D.D.S.
Richard J. Heckmann Foundation
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
International Advanced Medical Enterprises
J. W. & Ida M. Jameson Foundation
Japan Foundation
Dr. William Kaloostian & Dr. Aida L. Shirinian
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Leo D. Lagasse
Mrs. Erin Lastinger & Mr. Gary Lastinger
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Los Angeles County West Vector Control District
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Lossett
Lossett Family Foundation
Luxfer USA
Dr. Robert J. Luxmoore
Mr. Gary D. McCord
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Metroline Industries
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Foundation
Mission Inn Historic Landmark
National Turfgrass Federation
National Youth Sports Program Fund
National Writing Project
Novartis Crop Protection
Novartis Seeds
Novo Nordisk
Orange Co. Vector Control District
Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center
Mr. & Mrs. Troy Percival
Poorman-Hoyt-Stratford Foundation
Press-Enterprise Co.
ProWest PCM
Dr. & Mrs. Baldev S. Rai
Mr. Henry Ramsey, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Ratcliffe
Research Corporation
Riverside Community Hospital
Riverside Unified School District
Mr. & Mrs. Duane Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Robinson
Rohm and Haas Company
Dr. Harald Schraer
SCPGA Foundation
Semiconductor Research Corporation
SmithKline Beecham
Social Science Research Council
Southern California Golf Association
Southern California Turfgrass Council
Southern California Turfgrass Foundation
Southern California Edison Company
Mrs. Joan Sparkman & Mr. Will Sparkman
Spencer Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Milton W. Stratford
Foundation for Sustainability & Innovation
Sweeney Foundation
Dr. Jacob Y. Terner
Tomen Agro
TRW Company
UCR Alumni Association
Valent BioSciences Corporation
Dr. J. Giles Waines
Western Exterminator Company
Mr. Jack A. Wick
Mr. Randall Wittie
Mrs. Fay Hing Lee Wong
Mr. & Mrs. E. Eugene Yeager
Mr. & Mrs. Jacques S. Yeager
Yuma County Citrus Pest Abatement District
Zeneca Agricultural Products

Chancellorís Associates: Gold ($5,000 - $9,999)
Dr. Michael F. Allen & Dr. Edith B. Allen
American Cyanamid Company
Associated Students of UCR
The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Dr. Mary A. Baker
Mr. Joseph Balbona
Bank of America
Barenbrug USA
Bayer AG
Biagro Western Sales
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica
Dr. & Mrs. Donald P. Brithinee
Dr. Wallace P. Brithinee
Brithinee Electric
Louis Burr Trust
California League of Food Processors
California Bio-Mass
California Pistachio Commission
California Strawberry Advisory Board
Care Archaeological Foundation
Cimmyt, International
City of Murrieta
Clorox Company
Dr. Pamela S. Clute & Mr. Steve W. Clute
Cognis Deutschland GmbH
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Colladay
Community Technology Foundation of California
D & M Testing
Deutsch Foundation
Division of Agrochemicals of America
Elan Pharmaceuticals
Elf Atochem North America
Dr. & Mrs. Emory Elliott
Ernst & Young Foundation
Ernst & Young
James A. & Sharen C. Eskridge Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Eskridge
Essick Foundation
Exxon Education Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Brad K. Gabor
Garber Family Trust
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Golf Course Superintendents Association of So. California
Mrs. Debbi Huffman Guthrie & Mr. Jim Guthrie
Dr. David Guy
Professor Margo Halsted
Dr. Garry L. Hargrove
Ms. Amy S. Harrison
Dr. Esther Hays & Dr. Daniel M. Hays
Henkel KGaA
Hi-Lo Desert Golf Course Superintendents Association
Regent S. Sue Johnson & Mr. William R. Johnson, Jr.
Johnson Foundation
Dr. Anne Kernan
Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Lea
Los Angeles Times
Ms. Ann Matich
Mrs. Pauline Mazzetti McGuigan & Rev. Dr. William McGuigan
Mr. & Mrs. Jack D. McKnight
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Midland
Monsanto Foundation
Monterey County Grape Growers Association
Prof. Em. John A. Moore & Dr. Betty C. Moore
Dean Patricia A. OíBrien
Chancellor & Mrs. Raymond L. Orbach
Port of San Diego
Pursell Industries
Quality Turf
RBB Architects
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Risso
Riverside County Economic Development Agency
Riverside County Transportation Commission
San Diego Golf Course Superintendents Association
Col. & Mrs. Vincent Scarano
Robert Schalkenbach Foundation
Seed Systems
Seminis Vegetable Seeds
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Sepe
Southern California Gas Company
Target Specialty Products
Uniroyal Chemical Company
Valent USA Corporation
Whitmire Micro-Gen
Mr. Don A. Williamson & Ms. Angela S. Curry
Mr. & Mrs. James Yoh

Chancellorís Associates: Blue ($2,500 - $4,999)
Mr. Richard Alden
Mr. Edwin H. Allen
American Federation of Mineralogical Societies Scholarship
Appropriate Engineering
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ashby
Mr. Kent R. Beaman
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Blunden
Boeing Company
Associate Chancellor Gretchen Bolar & Mr. Leo Bolar
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Bryant
California Sod Producers Assoc.
Mr. Tong Chen
Chevron Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Chow
Dean & Mrs. Michael Clegg
Mr. Stephen F. Cochran
Mr. George F. Colony
Community Medical Group of Riverside
Cove Electric
Mr. & Mrs. David Cunningham
Mr. William R. DeWolfe & Mrs. Ann S. DeWolfe
Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Donner
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Dutton
Mr. Scott H. Einhorn & Mrs. Laura J. Einhorn
Empire Oil Company
Equilon Pipeline Co./Equilon Enterprises
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Fiacco
Fiesta Development
First American Title Ins. Company
Mr. Steve Gallardo
Dr. Adolfo D. Garnica
Mr. Terry Green & Mrs. Jacke Hall Green
John Randolph Haynes & Dora Haynes Foundation
Chan. Em. Ivan Hinderaker & Mrs. Birk Hinderaker
Dr. Paul V. Holland
The Honorable & Mrs. Dallas Holmes
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Huie
Mr. John A. Immaraju
Johnson Controls
Mr. Alvie D. Jones & Mrs. Judith F. Jones
Ms. Karen D. Jones
Vice Chancellor Connie Kravas & Dr. K. J. Kravas
Laboratorio de Investigaciones Y Diagnosticos Agropecuarios
Mr. James R. Lawson
Dr. Keh-Shin Lii & Ms. Maritha Ming-Shi Lii
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Littleworth
Dr. & Mrs. Carl H. Marcoux
Mr. & Mrs. Elton McJunkin
Mrs. Marcia McQuern & Mr. Lynn M. McQuern
Monsanto Company
Mr. John A. Moramarco
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley M. Morrison
Morse Diesel International
Mycotech Corporation
Dr. Gail K. Naughton
Dr. & Mrs. William C. Pierce
Price Waterhouse Foundation
Provident Savings Bank
Mrs. Concepcion G. Rivera
Riverside Arts Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. Rosenthal
Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Ross
Mrs. Cynthia D. Rowden & Mr. R. Glenn Rowden
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Samtoy
SBC Management Services
Mr. Larry D. Schwartz
Scotts Company
Society for Archaeological Sciences
State Farm Co. Foundation
Sun Microsystems Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy R. Surratt
Mr. Dwight A. Tate & Dr. Katherine A. Wright
Dr. Ira J. Toibin
Venture Capital Associates
Mr. Steven F. Weiss
Wellmark International
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Wild
Y Tex Corporation

Chancellorís Associates ($1,500 - $2,499)
Mrs. Carol J. Adams
Mr. William W. Adams, Jr.
Agtrol International
Allstate Foundation
American Methanol Foundation
Mr. Dennis J. Amoroso
Mr. & Mrs. Tito A. Andrada
Mr. Jim Applegate
Dr. Robert P. apRoberts & Dr. Ruth apRoberts
Mr. David W. Ariss, Sr.
Arrowhead Credit Union
Ms. Zelma Beard
Mr. & Mrs. David Bernal
Blue Banner Company
BMW of Riverside
Mr. Douglas J. Bodhaine, Jr. & Mrs. Sharon L. Bodhaine
Bourns, Inc.
Mr. Richard T. Brown & Mrs. Carlee A. Harder-Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn S. Bryan, Jr.
Mr. Tom Burkhart
Burrtec Waste Industries
C. Lee Enterprises
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Calderon
Dean & Mrs. Robert C. Calfee
California Federation of Mineralogical Societies
California Foundation for Biochemical Research
Mr. Rafael Y. Cardoza
Mr. & Mrs. Conrad M. Castell
Mr. Donald Cavazos
Champion Lumber Company
Mr. & Mrs. Ming K. Chen
Mr. & Mrs. Eric A. Christensen
Mr. Chris Clemens
Coastal Chem
Ms. Linda V. Coe
Community Foundation, United Jewish Federation
Community Health Corporation
Mr. William D. Dahling, Jr. & Dr. Kimberly J. Devlin
Mr. & Mrs. Georg C. Decker
Dennis J. Amoroso Construction Co.
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Dickson
Mrs. Cindy Domenigoni & Mr. Andy R. Domenigoni
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Doshier
Mr. & Mrs. David F. Doten
Dr. Walter Ebeling
EDGE Development
Dr. Norman C. Ellstrand & Dr. Tracy Lynn Kahn
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Empey
Dr. & Mrs. James H. Erickson
Dr. Louis C. Erickson
Dr. & Mrs. Donald C. Erwin
Mr. & Mrs. Harold M. Fagin
Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Feuerstein
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fey
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Ford
Mr. & Mrs. Guy Forney
Mr. Dave Franklin
Ms. Andrea Gatti
George Yardley Co.
Dr. & Mrs. George P. Georghiou
Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Gill
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Gless
Mr. & Mrs. George Gopez
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Gordon
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gray
Ms. Virniecia Green-Jordan
Greg Applegate, Consulting Arborist
Dr. & Mrs. Barnett Grier, Sr.
Dr. Susan Hackwood & Dr. Gerardo Beni
Mr. Eric A. Haley & Ms. Janina M. OíBrien
Hanover Commercial Services
Mr. Charles D. Henderson
Dr. Irving G. Hendrick & Dr. Linda D. Scott-Hendrick
S. F. Jack Higgins
Mr. John G. Hoffman
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle D. Hoffman
Inland Empire National Bank
Dr. & Mrs. Robert I. Jaspan
Mr. VerLyn N. Jensen
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company
Dr. Noel T. Keen & Mrs. Diane I. Keen
The Honorable David G. Kelley & Mrs. Brigitte M. Kelley
Mr. Joe Koh
Mr. Charles A. Krieger
Mrs. Lois B. Krieger
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Krieger
Krieger & Stewart
Ms. Barbara J. Land
Dr. & Mrs. Gary D. Lee
Dr. & Mrs. James Lents
Dr. Henry W. Lubow
Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Luebs
Mr. Bud Luppino
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Lynch
M. Scott Hooks
Drs. Charles W. & Diane Martin
Vice Chancellor Harry W. Green, II & Dr. Manuela Martins-Green
Mr. Bob Matich
Matich Corporation
Mr. Lee C. McDougal
Mr. & Mrs. Dale McNair
McPeters, McAlearney, Shimoff & Hatt
Dr. W. Knox Mellon, Jr. & Dr. Carlotta H. Mellon
Mellon & Associates
NAPM Inland Empire
Mr. William J. Nietschmann, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Norbeck
Dr. Anthony W. Norman & Dr. Helen Henry
Mr. Timothy A. Oleno
Mr. Scott S. Orr
Pace International
Pacific Bell
Dr. & Mrs. Albert L. Page
Pan-Pacific Plumbing & Mechanical
Paper Solutions Ink
Partin Development Corporation
PBI Gordon Corporation
Pinnacle Distribution Concepts
Mr. Byron H. Pollitt, Jr. & Mrs. Teresa O. Pollitt
Pomona First Federal Bank & Trust
Mr. William G. Powell
Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Rawlings
Mr. & Mrs. Manuel J. Reyes
Mrs. Helen H. Riesen
Riverside Community Health Foundation
Dr. Raymond L. Russell, III & Ms. Judith A. Lehr
Dr. & Mrs. Michael K. Rust
SBC Foundation
SC Johnson
Robert E. Scott Estate
Mr. Rakesh M. Shah
Dr. & Mrs. Victor L. Shapiro
Mr. David Sheeks & Dr. Ann Pendergast
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Shimoff
Mr. Thomas M. Song
Dr. Robert K. Soost
Southland Sod Farms
Dr. Dale B. Sparks
Mrs. Patricia O. Spencer
The Honorable Ronald W. Stovitz & Ms. Danell S. Zeavin
Dr. & Mrs. Sterling Stuckey
Summus Group LTD
Thermo Trilogy Corp.
Mr. Renny V. Thomas, II
Dr. & Mrs. Ivan J. Thomason
Thompson & Colegate
Dr. & Mrs. William W. Thomson
Thor California
Toro Foundation
Dean & Mrs. Satish Tripathi
Dr. & Mrs. Paul H. Trotta
Union Bank of California, N.A.
United Way of Orange County
University of Guam
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Varner
Varner, Saleson & Dobler LLP
Vena Yin Sheng Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mr. John R. Walker, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Irwin Wall
Exec. V.C. David H. Warren & Mrs. Katherine V. Warren
Mr. & Mrs. Don Webber-Plank
Vice Chancellor & Mrs. C. Michael Webster
Welebir, McCune & Jure
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Williams
Mr. Timothy J. Wiseman
Mr. George Yardley
Dr. & Mrs. George A. Zentmyer

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