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Outreach to the community?

(December 2000)

Eric Barr – Through the Gluck Foundation and ArtsBridge, UCR theatre students are active in providing arts programming to the surrounding community. We tour one show a year to local area schools. In the past we have toured Riverside Paseos, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and the Commedia dell’Arte production. This year our students will tour in a production of Tartuffe, by Molière, made possible with the generous support of the Gluck Foundation.

Katherine Warren – All exhibitions will include a reception, talk or panel discussion, and additional resource information provided on our website. Our Spring 2001 exhibit, “Shouts from the Wall: Posters from the Spanish Civil War 1936-39,” will include lectures and films that coincide with undergraduate curriculum in History and English. We will strive to work cooperatively with departments on campus, community organizations, and educational facilities both during the planning stages and through the duration of an exhibition.

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