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Fiat Lux, Latin for "Let there be light," is the motto of the University of California.
It is also an ancient biblical reference that announced the coming of light into the world, and with it knowledge, the power of perception and the hope for wisdom.
June 2006 [ PDF Only ]
A UCR School of Medicine would supply doctors to the medically underserved Inland Southern California region; a UCR professor of education works to help young students become better readers; and UCR is home to one of the world’s largest collections by and about the mysterious B. Traven, author of “The Treasure of Sierra Madre.” – all this and more can be found in the latest issue of Fiat Lux.

April 2006 [ HTML ]
Inspired by the advice of a family friend, UCR’s Natasha Raikhel overcame obstacles in her life and is now the founding director of the world-class Center for Plant Cell biology; four scholars come together to create the unique Center for Iberian and Latin American Music and UCR gets ready to start construction on the Alumni and Visitor Center – the planned front door to the campus. These are just a few of the stories in the latest issue of Fiat Lux.

December 2005 [ HTML ]
The wordsmiths from UCR's Creative Writing Department are winning major awards for their novels, poems and plays; spiders are creepy, crawly to some, but to Professor of Biology Cheryl Hayashi they represent a Space Age products based on spider silks; and some students like UCR so much that they decide it's a perfect place to pursue a career. These are just a few of the stories in the latest issue of Fiat Lux.

May 2005 [ HTML ]
What's new at UCR? The doors open at UCR Palm Desert's Heckmann Center, which is designed to train future business leaders; the Graduate School of Education receives an $11 million grant to help identify, mentor and train future K-12 science teachers; an associate professor of psychology researches the serious science of happiness and an undergraduate student continues her graduate studies in her quest to find a cure for cancer. All this in this issues of the Fiat Lux, plus our regular features on the people, programs, projects and special events that make UC Riverside a campus on the go.

January 2005 [ HTML ]
In this issue we feature a profile of Arthur Riggs, a UCR alumnus who has spent three decades developing important life-saving treatments for cancer, diabetes and arthritis. Also included is a special section on UCR’s contributions to public service as part its mission as a land-grant campus, as well as regular features on the people, programs, projects and special events that make UCR a campus of distinction.

June 2004 [ HTML ]
In this issue our feature section examines UCR's prominence in the Arts and Humanities, which helps the campus attract the most talented students and innovative faculty, and to obtain major funding grants from top foundations. Our expanded department sections are filled with news and activities to keep you informed.

February 2004 [ HTML ]
This issue combines the elements of the 50th Anniversary, an Annual Report and the Long Range Development Plan. Together, these present a wonderful opportunity to enjoy moments of UC Riverside's history, marvel at what is being accomplished here today and look forward to the possibilities of tomorrow. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed assembling it for you.

September 2003 [ HTML ]
This issue looks at the transfer of intellectual property from the laboratory to the marketplace, an effective way to bring good ideas to the public. Partnerships formed through technology transfer also bring in benefits for UCR students, who receive real-world experience, internships and job offers after graduation.

May 2003 [ HTML ]
UC Riverside's libraries are the premier information resource between Los Angeles and Phoenix. With the coming of the 21st century they are retooling to continue to provide information in multiple formats.

January 2003 [ HTML ]
The Winter 2002 issue of Fiat Lux is devoted to nanotechnology, the science of dealing with matter molecule by molecule. At UC Riverside, nearly 25 faculty members, hailing from engineering, cell biology and neuroscience, chemistry and physics, are working under the umbrella of the Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering. The center is headed by Robert Haddon, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Chemical & Environmental Engineering.

October 2002 [ HTML ]
The Fall 2002 issue of Fiat Lux deals with those who support the university through donations of all kinds. The gifts range from a multi-million gift of intellectual property from the DuPont Company, support for academic and community programs and the donation of thousands of "fanzines."

August 2002 [ HTML ]
The summer issue of Fiat Lux reminds us of the breadth of experiences potentially available to our students. From internships at the University of California's Washington Center to study abroad programs in many countries, these opportunities offer students experiences that can truly transform their outlook and change their career goals.

April 2002 [ HTML ]
The centers of UCR are designed to bring together faculty and resources to focus sharply on issues that may reach across disciplinary lines. Creating such focus is one of the great powers of a comprehensive research university. This issue of Fiat Lux examines the present work of UCR centers.

December 2001 [ HTML Only ]
This issue takes a look at the programs and faculty of the Bourns College of Engineering, UCR's fastest growing college.

September 2001 [ HTML ]
The September 2001 issue features the UCR Foundation Annual Report, the members of the foundation's board of trustees, the Laureates and Benefactors and the donor lists of both individuals and corporations and foundation.

April 2001 [ HTML ]
Altruism is the unselfish concern for the welfare of others. At a university campus, where students are encountering life-changing experiences, the notion of altruism is a strong one. Giving back, donating, helping, volunteering are life lessons that can be learned at the university and retained for many years thereafter.

February 2001 [ HTML Only ]
The creation of the Genomics Center at the University of California, Riverside is a dramatic example of how a comprehensive research university can aid humankind.

December 2000 [ HTML Only ]
Year of the Arts provides a special focus on the arts at UCR. They are alive, vibrant, and reflective of the true quality and commitment of UCR.

September 2000 [ HTML Only ]
This issue recognizes Laureates, Benefactors and Donors who have made a difference in the life of the University, in the lives of students and in research and scholarship.

June 2000 [ HTML Only ]
Because of "Tidal Wave II," the University of California expects thousands more students. UCR will likely double in size in the next decade. The campus is experiencing a building boom, and more is on the way.

April 2000 [ HTML Only ]
The Art and Science of the Automobile. Americans cherish their cars, but that love takes its toll on the global environment. Researchers at UCR are doing their part to find a way to lessen the damage.

February 2000 [ HTML Only ]
A Century of Citrus. If it has citric acid in it, this fruit has been in a UCR laboratory where a researcher has studied it and bettered what Mother Nature first gave us.

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